Healing Crystal Set - Morganna’s Treasures
Healing Crystal Set - Morganna’s Treasures
Morganna’s Treasures

Healing Crystal Set

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Healing Crystal Set


Clear Quartz:   Clear Quartz is considered to be the most powerful healing crystal.  It is also the most versatile healing stone.  It protects against any negativity and alleviates any pain you may be feeling.   Clear Quartz will strengthen your aura, as well as, cleanse your chakras.  This stone radiates positive energy throughout the surrounding environment.

Green Moss Agate:   Green Moss Agate speeds up healing in your recovery process.  This stone has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts your immune system and cleanses your circulatory system.  It is also an excellent protector against colds and flu.

Red Jasper:   Red Jasper stimulates increased energy, stamina and strength.  This stone is very helpful for anyone who feels uncentered and shaky because it provides balance.  It will help to generate muscle tissue and is very supportive for anyone with respiratory or circulatory issues.  Red Jasper increases your life force while creating a better energy flow within your energy field.

Green Fluorite:   Green Fluorite is known as the gentle healer.  It allows us to heal from any heart based issues and dispels any negative energy that might be in our environment.  This stone can give your immune system a boost, increases cell regeneration and eases arthritis.

 Tree Agate:   Considered to be a Talisman in India, Tree Agate is a stone that brings inner peace.  This stone calms your nerves and boosts the immune system.  Tree Agate helps to clear energy blockages to allow energy to flow throughout the body.  It can also help to open the flow of abundance and prosperity in your life. 

Each set also comes with a Lucky Coin!

Stones come in a beautiful carrying bag.  Stones may vary in color.  Stones measure between 3/4 of an inch to 1 and 1/2 inches.

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