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Aura Cleansing Spray

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Aura Cleansing Spray

This fragrant spray is the perfect mix to cleanse your room of negativity. Specially selected essential oils combine to purify any space of negative influences. With hints of clove and lemon, this spray brings a lightness to the air that is so addictive you will want to use it every day. Our Aura Cleansing Spray incorporates notes of Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. 

Clove banishes and repels negative energy.

Cinnamon has been used for ages to ward off negative energy and protect spaces.

Lemon purifies your room and banishes harmful energy.

Lavender guards against negativity and sets a soothing, relaxing vibe to your space.

Peppermint was used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans to purify their rooms.


Each 4 ounce Spray Bottle comes perfectly mixed with just the right oils to remove any negativity in your space. 


*Consult your health care physician if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or being treated for a health condition. Keep out of reach of children.*

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