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Be Beautiful - Essential Oil Perfume

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Be Beautiful - Essential Oil Perfume

This fragrant mix is here to remind you that there is beauty everywhere. This scent is perfect to help you recognize the beauty all around you and reflect it back out into the world. 

With just the right mix of:

The scent of Rose brings Love, Compassion, Inner Peace

The scent of Jasmine brings Happiness, Calm, Beauty

The scent of Vanilla brings Empowerment, Confidence

Each Essential Oil Perfume comes in a 8 ml geometrically shaped crystal bottle that is perfect to carry with you each day!  Dab a few drops on your neck and wrists to get just the right mix of scent so that your intention can be carried out.


*Consult your health care physician if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or being treated for a health condition. Keep out of reach of children.*

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