Porcelain Jasper Pendant - Morganna’s Treasures
Porcelain Jasper Pendant - Morganna’s Treasures
Porcelain Jasper Pendant - Morganna’s Treasures
Morganna’s Treasures

Porcelain Jasper Pendant

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Porcelain Jasper Pendant 


The nurturing properties of Porcelain Jasper helped to uplift its carrier at the time of emotional or mental stress. The powerful energies of this jewel Boulder are known to evoke the blocked energies of the heart chakra of its carrier. It infuses love in the emotional torso as well as in the surrounding that helps its carrier to communicate with his people in a calm manner. Porcelain Jasper with its eminent healing helps its carrier by uniting his positive energies to the desired goals. Porcelain is a cherry hue jewel Boulder and contemplates as an elemental gem rock of nature. It is predisposed to hold the low frequency that is slow but have constant and effective result in the life of its carrier. It is contemplated to streamline the electromagnetic energies of the nature so as to help its carrier to stay poised in the environment. The healing properties of this jewel boulder help its carrier to understand the basic attributes of the nature so as to maintain the state of equilibrium in the torso. It is a  joyful stone that is conceived to associated with the commemoration. It is further appraised to bring cheerfulness, vitality as well as reminding its carrier the power of humanity to serve his people. It halts procrastination and is considered an ideal gem rock for rejuvenating its carrier’s creative supremacy. It reverberates with all the chakras of its carrier’s torso to bring focus to the intellect and understanding. The invigorating energy of hope, it is a wonderful stone for Earth healing and turning with the devic kingdom.


Sterling Silver pendant measures 2 and 5/8 inches long by 1 and 1/2 inches wide. 

*Chain not included with pendant.*

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