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Reiki Charged Illuminate Candle for Mental Clarity

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Reiki Charged Illuminate Candle

Burn this candle with intention to help you get clear and focused. This treasure makes a great gift for anyone who is feeling conflicted about which path to take. It will help you clear out the clutter so you can see the way forward.

Lemon has long been used to purify spaces of negative energy. But this uplifting scent also awakens the mind.

Lime has been used for many years as a tool to strengthen spiritual warriors. This intoxicating scent raises your awareness levels so that you can navigate the changes in your life.

Orange is said to increase self-confidence and bring clarity to the visions we see.

Lily is a powerful tool to help balance the mind so that you can see clearly. 

Verbena is scent that helps you develop a harmony between your mind and spirit.

Mint The scent of mint brings clarity and helps to energize the mind. Mint stimulates body, mind and soul. 

This Reiki Charged candle will help free your mind of distraction so that you can revitalize your mind.  Watch the flickering flame and allow your mind to still. When you are ready, close your eyes. Give your mind this one moment to quiet. Clarity comes when we allow ourselves a moment to breathe.  


Candle is 4 ounces.  Candles are made with vegan-friendly, soy wax. 

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